Ladies – Supplementary Scores

What is a Supplementary Score?

A Supplementary Score is a score returned by a player for handicapping purposes, where the round is played at a time acceptable to the player’s personal circumstances and out with the clubs fixture listed qualifying competitions.

Who is eligible to submit a Supplementary Score?

All players can submit up to a maximum of 10 Supplementary Scores per annum, as long as the full course is in play.  Category 1 players with a handicap of 2.5 to 5.4 can only submit up to a maximum of three supplementary scores between the period 1st September to 31st December.

Players holding a CONGU Club Handicap (37 – 54) have no limit to the amount of Supplementary Scores they can return each year.

The key conditions for submitting a Supplementary Score

A player intending to return a Supplementary Score must signify their intention prior to commencing their round. This can be done by emailing or texting the handicap secretary’s, (Susan or Isobel), prior to playing, and entering your name in the Supplementary Score book within the Ladies Changing Area.

Players must have their game witnessed and card signed by another member who has a handicap.

A Supplementary Score may be returned over any Measured Course at which the player in a member unless their handicap is between 2.4 and 5.4 (Category 1).  Category 1 players can only submit Supplementary Scores at their ‘Home’ club.

We have three options here at Kirkcudbright.  Full 18 holes, holes 1 to 9, or holes 1 to 4 & 14 to 18.  Players must play off the Red Tees and to the Main Greens.

A Supplementary Score can be played over 18 holes in either stoke play format or Stableford, but can only be played in Stableford format over 9 holes.

Players recently allocated a CONGU® Handicap qualify immediately for the return of Supplementary Scores.

Stroke Play returns returned will be subject to Clause 19 (Stableford/Nett Double Bogey) adjustment.  No CSS will be calculated, any adjustments to handicaps (up or down), shall be made in relation to the SSS.

If a Player who has registered for a Supplementary Score does not return a scorecard, an increase in handicap of 0.1 will be applied.

After your Round
Post completed and signed cards in the white posting box and record your score in the Supplementary Book.